Thoughtful Investor

  • 2nd Quarter 2024 The Rest of the Story; The Importance of Living Within Your Means; Developing Multiple Sources for Retirement Income; Longevity Changes the Game
  • 1st Quarter 2024 New Year Checklist – Essential Documents; The Confidence Factor - One of the Uncertainties of Investing; Reality Check from Charlie Munger; Inflation Adjustments from the IRS Affect Retirement Accounts, Estate Taxes, and More; Estate Tax Inflation Adjustments; IRS 1099-K Requirement Changes; Raising Money Smart Teens
  • 4th Quarter 2023 When “Missing the Best” Doesn’t Matter; Volatility Increases in Uncertain Markets; Threats to Your Financial Security Continue to Escalate; Does Your State Owe You Money?; Catch-up Contributions to 401(k) Plans Continue to Be Tax Deductible in 2024 and 2025; Stop Procrastinating and Take Action
  • 3rd Quarter 2023 60/40 Portfolio Nears the Three-Quarter Century Mark; Trickle Down Effect of Higher Interest Rates; A Salute to William O’Neil; Tax Reduction or Tax Evasion?; Retirement Planning Without the Fear Factor
  • 2nd Quarter 2023 Does the Presidential Cycle Mean an Up Market for 2023?; Do You Trust Your Phone a Little Too Much?; The IRS May Consider You a Small Business; The Details Matter – SECURE 2.0 Act; Preventing Fraud Can Save You from Financial Disaster
  • 1st Quarter 2023 Inflation Brings IRS Changes to Tax Brackets and Much More; Complications Abound for 2023 Market Outlook; Beware of Promissory Note Fraud; Retirement Plan Contribution Limits for 2022 and 2023; Rethinking Retirement Accounts; Giving Away Money Needs to Start with a Plan
  • 4th Quarter 2022 The Good News, Bad News of Inflation; Why Are Forecasts So Often Wrong?; Watch Out for the Tropes; Simple Techniques to Avoid Late Fees and Penalties; Preparing for the Inevitable
  • 3rd Quarter 2022 Welcome to Unintended Consequences and Interesting Times; The Next Big Thing – Energy Innovation?; Six Tools of Persuasion; Preparing for Evacuation; Don’t Forget to Put the Power of the List to Work!
  • 2nd Quarter 2022 Coping with Market Downturns; Put the News on Time Out; Asset Location Is an Important Tool to Reduce Taxes; Overcoming Retirement Account Investing Hesitations
  • 1st Quarter 2022 Greenwashing Among Risks of ESG Investing; Hide Your Home Online!; Stagflation and Why It Has Economists Worried; Replacing “Retirement” with the Goal of “Financial Independence"; Inflation is Changing the Numbers for Benefits and Federal Taxes
  • 4th Quarter 2021 Time in the Market is Essential for Investment Success; Updating your Retirement Account Beneficiaries is More Important Than Ever; Advice for Gen Y and Z - Pay Yourself First; Living with Inflation
  • 3rd Quarter 2021 When Forecasts are Bearish and Bullish; The Coming Tax Tsunami; To Live Longer, Be Happy; Bitcoin Is Not an Investment; Lessons from a Pandemic Year; Online Shopping Increased in 2020 - So Did Online Scams
  • 2nd Quarter 2021 Inflation on Our Minds; Cashing Out the Appreciation in Your Home; Tax-Deferred and Tax-Exempt Plan Contribution Limits for 2020 and 2021; Online Threats from Scammers Are Booming
  • 1st Quarter 2021 Start Off the New Year in Control; Plan to be a Survivor; Go for Your BIG Goals in 2021; When Family and Friends Ask for Money
  • 4th Quarter 2020 The Problem with the S&P 500; Living in a World of Déjà Vu; Discretionary versus Non-Discretionary Management; May the Power of the List Be with You; Air and Water Are the Center of Better Health
  • 3rd Quarter 2020 The Rules Have Changed; Wealth is Limitless; CARES Act Financial Considerations; Now May Be a Good Time to Give Away Assets; Should You Convert Your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA?
  • 2nd Quarter 2020 The Reality of Stock Market Declines; Time to Rethink Your Retirement Plan Strategy; Have You Set Account Alerts?; Your Brain – Better with Age!
  • 1st Quarter 2020 Can the Equity Markets Predict Our Next President?; If You Are So Smart Why Aren’t You Rich?; Assessing Your Financial Security; Relying on Pension Funds May Be Hazardous to Your Retirement; Collectibles is a Market in Transition
  • 4th Quarter 2019 Staying Wealthy is a Matter of Planning; Are You About to be Scammed?; Managing Risk in Uncertain Markets Has Costs, But Creates Potential; What is Your Real Risk Tolerance; Withdrawal Strategies and Your Estate
  • 3rd Quarter 2019 Is 2019 a “Sell in May and Go Away” Summer?; Social Security Claiming by the Numbers; Password, Password, Who Has the Password?; “I should have saved more.”
  • 2nd Quarter 2019 Too Conservative an Investment Stance Can Also Be Risky; Have You Misplaced an Account?; The Tax Man Cometh; The Tax Bite Takes A Big Part of Some Unusual Gains; Put Worry to Use Developing Plans; Money Madness – Those Irrational Money Behaviors
  • 1st Quarter 2019 Is Intuition a Liability or Asset in Investing?; Digital Fraud Is Intensifying; Stealth Wealth and the FIRE Movement; Optimize Your Retirement Contributions for 2018 and 2019; Turning 65 Triggers an Important Deadline
  • 4th Quarter 2018 Seasonality Cycles and 4th Quarter Returns; Complacency and the Investor; Teaching Money Smarts Needs to Start Early; Using Transfer on Death Designations for Estate Planning; Time for a Review of Your Financial Situation?
  • 3rd Quarter 2018 Be Ready When You Step Out into Retirement; Is Risk Amnesia Setting In?; Wire Fraud Is Becoming Increasingly Common, Particularly in Real Estate Transactions; Money Can Have an Outsized Impact on Your Health; Five Easy Ways to Give Away Your Money
  • 2nd Quarter 2018 Slicing and Dicing the Financial Markets; Cycles and the Financial Markets; Looking Forward to Driverless Cars; Build Flexibility into Your Financial Life; 2017 Tax Reform Has Made It Essential to Review Estate Plans and Wills
  • 1st Quarter 2018 The U.S. Stock Market is in New Territory; Welcome to the Prediction Games; Floods, Fires and the Need to Prepare for Disaster; Medicare Primer for Individuals Nearing Retirement


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