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Custom Portfolios

Tango Capital Management, LLC is an active investment manager, creating custom portfolios
for individuals, families, small businesses and trusts. As a fee-only investment adviser, our interests are aligned with our grow your portfolios.
Our investment approach is based on identifying trends in the market
that create opportunities for profitable investments regardless of whether the market is moving up and down. Individual stocks make up the majority of our investment positions, balanced by industry coverage largely through index Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs).
Tango Capital Management is based in Long Valley, New Jersey,
and has been managing portfolios for clients throughout the U.S. for more than 15 years. Portfolio manager Victor Vuskalns has worked in the investment industry since 1989 and has an extensive track record as an investment manager.
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Active Management

Our investment approach is based on identifying trends in the market that create opportunities.
  • Seek portfolio growth by identifying top performing

    sectors of the market and investing in the best performing stocks within the sector, identified by our indicators as bullish.

  • Preserve gains, minmimize losses and target new

    opportunities by moving quickly to liquidate positions that no longer meet our parameters as “bullish”

  • Control risk and reduce volatility within the portfolio

    through hedging and defensive positions in high-risk market environments.

  • Exploit leverage when appropriate through beta

    tfunds designed to amiplify the market's movement..

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Adding Value

Tango Capital Management celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013
In addition, Tango Capital Management adds value through:
  • Best execution practices that allow us to minimize transaction costs.
  • Special situation strategies designed to

    minimize taxes or losses when assuming management of existing accounts where heritage investments may pose issues,

  • Portfolio customization to meet different

    investment requirements from growth or income generation to retirement and education accounts.

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